Comic Box Divider Intermediate Kit with Archival Dividers

Price: $26.99
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Never again have that terrible feeling of watching your comics fall over in your comic box and get damaged. With our Comic Box Divider kit, not only will you never have to worry about your prized comics falling over and getting damaged, they will be more accessible and easier to organize.

Our archival dividers are lignin-free which offer collectors the ideal combination of a neutral pH environment for their collections, while incorporating the necessary alkaline buffers to protect them from acids.

The intermediate kit includes components for 6 short comic boxes or 3 long comic boxes.

  • Includes components and instructions to easily separate your short comic box into 3 compartments or your long box into 5 compartments.
  • Allows for easy access to your collection.
  • Prevents damage to your comics.
  • Makes it easier to organize and sort your comics.
  • Inexpensive

We created a video explaining how to install the comic box divider kit into a standard comic box, click here to view the video on YouTube.