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Avengers #20 - "Vengeance is Ours!"
(20-page story, continued from previous issue)
After jumping over the edge last issue, the Avengers have very little time to rescue Captain America, but with quick thinking they manage it. The Swordsman is outraged and attacks them. During the battle he starts to vanish mysteriously. He awakens in the lair of the Mandarin. The Mandarin allies himself with the Swordsman, giving him a more powerful sword. He then creates an image of Iron Man which he sends to the Avengers, vouching for the Swordsman's membership. Once in the Avengers HQ he plants bombs to destroy them. He later has a change of heart and tries to remove the bombs, but is caught by Captain America, who believes he is attaching them. After a brief battle the Swordsman escapes again.
Condition - Very Good
Value - $40.00


Monthly Giveaway
Prize Drawing March 31st 2023

Launching our new monthly giveaway for comics, prizes, collectibles & more. Every order placed each month is automatically entered to win a free prize through our monthly drawing at the end of the month. The more sales we have for the month the better the prize is at the end of the month. This is our way of giving back to our loyal comic book collectors & hobbyists.

From rare issues of comics to other collectibles, we will start showcasing the monthly prize here each month and all you have to do to have a chance to win is place an order with us each month. Multiple orders mean multiple entries in our drawing.  Winner will be randomly picked from the order numbers each month and will be notified via email on the last day of the month.

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Avengers #43 - 1st appearance of Red Guardian (Alexsi Shostakov).
"Color Him… the Red Guardian!" – (20-page story) – Quicksilver shows everyone his new ability to fly and Captain America has to prove himself to Hercules before he will take orders from him. Hawkeye gets information about the Black Widow's whereabouts, and Hercules and himself travel to rescue her. Meanwhile, behind the bamboo curtain, Colonel Ling shows a general his newest asset: The Red Guardian. He is to be the equal of Captain America in every way but is to stand for communism. Hercules and Hawkeye attack the complex, but Hercules is lured into the Psychotron and Hawkeye is captured by the Red Guardian. Red Guardian is revealed to be the Black Widow's husband who she thought was dead. The Avengers leave to rescue Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Hercules.
Comic Condition: Very Good+  Value: $75.00