MicroChamber Paper

Microchamber Interleaving Paper, developed and patented by Conservation Resources is very thin, nearly transparent and contains proprietary SPZ zeolite which gives it the power to remove pollutants, both airborne and those released by the collection itself. In addition, it also eliminates odors such as those from smoke, mold and mildew. This paper is a thin, pure white exceptionally uniform 100% cotton paper. It is approximately one half the thickness of a sheet of bond paper. It can be used with all collections whether paper based, or photographic items are involved. Comic book paper is made from tree pulp. A tree's cellulose material, LIGNIN, turns the paper into ACID over time. Most people know that a bag will help protect a comic but don't know why. Exposure to open air greatly accelerates acid decomposition, but even with the best bags money can buy (mylars), your comics will still turn yellow then brown and eventually crumble into tiny brittle shards that disintegrate into the wind, completing the cycle of life by fertilizing the growth of new trees. It's a tragic love story. Acid loves your comics so much that it destroys them so no one else can have them. You can prolong the life and current condition of your comics by absorbing acid and other byproducts of decomposition and prevent acid migration by using Microchamber Paper. Add one sheet between the first page and front cover, one sheet in the middle and one sheet between the last page and back cover.