Comic Book DrawerBoxes™

WELCOME...TO THE NEXT GENERATION IN COLLECTION STORAGE. The Only Complete Organizational System for Comics!

 You've probably had the same experience we have had with comics that kept sliding around and falling over when a long or short box is only partially filled, sometimes causing bent issues and small cracks in the spines. And you've probably tried to solve the problem by keeping the box as full as possible. But then, when you add issues, there is no room for them, which means you need to move comics from one box to another as your collection grows. No matter how many regular dividers you use, it's still a lot of work to keep your collection organized.

 But now there is a solution….

 DrawerBoxes™ come with with BoxSort Upright Dividers which hold your comics upright in the box and keep them from sliding around, no matter how few comics you have in it. And, as the drawer fills, the divider can be adjusted by moving it back, accommodating any quantity.

 Not just a comic box; a complete storage system. A system that can handle almost everything you collect. Totally stackable and modular to fit in any space, with everything accessible just by pulling open a drawer. NO MORE LIFTING! Say goodbye and good riddance to those old-fashioned top loading long and short boxes.

 More space efficient than using racks. Stackable higher than a filing cabinet -- up to 6 high

 DrawerBoxes™ are stackable cardboard boxes with drawers that create a file cabinet-like storage system for organizing your comic book collection, making them more accessible. The ultimate comic book supply.

 The secret in making them stackable is in the materials. Each shell comes with a support sleeve custom manufactured with extra heavy duty corrugated cardboard with an ECT (Edge Crush Test) rating exceeding 70# per inch. The sleeve not only extends completely to the front of the shell, where support is needed the most when the drawer is open, but also completely covers the tops of the shell, helping transfer the weight to the sides.

 Four dividers are included with each DrawerBox that can be used as Upright dividers when used with our BoxSort rails or can be used as a traditional divider if the legs are removed along the perforations.


DrawerBoxes™ come in 2 sizes for comics – longs and shorts. Both sizes measure 9 1/8” wide and 13 3/8” tall. The inside width of the drawers is 7 ¾” and the clearance inside the drawer is 11 5/8”. Unlike most long and short boxes, the clearance is high enough to clear even the tabs on Mylars.

 Long Drawerboxes™ are designed for maximum capacity. Each long DrawerBox holds up to 235 comics with boards and bags and up to 270 comics without. They are 26” long. DrawerBoxes™ hold approximately 15% fewer comics than a 29" long box (lengths vary by manufacturer). Note that these counts assume an average page count for a comic and filling the box with 1"-2" of open space.

 Short DrawerBoxes™ are designed to fit lengthwise in most closets or other tight areas. Each short DrawerBox holds 145 comics with boards and bags and more without, more than any top loading short box! They are 18” long.

 The Magazine/Graded DrawerBox is the first combination box made that will both fit CGC and PGX “slabs” for comics and virtually any magazine published* including DC Comics' Prestige Plus format. Like our comic DrawerBoxes™, it is not just a top loading box, but a fully featured and stackable drawer design that makes every issue in a collection immediately accessible with no lifting.

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